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          Speaking of nursing homes, most people are a monotonous, managed life……

          說起養老院, 多數人印象是一種單調, 被管理的生活狀態……

          Sep 09,2017/


          Old man, a huge group. According to statistics, China's population over 60 years old will reach 222 million in 2015, and the elderly will account for 16.15% of the total population; it is estimated that the population of the elderly will reach 248 million by 2020; and the population of the elderly will reach 300 million by 2025. China will become an ultra elderly country.

          老者,一個龐大的群體。 據統計, 中國2015年60歲以上人口達到2.22億, 老者占總人口的16.15%; 預計到2020年,老者人口將達到2.48億; 2025年,老者的人口將達3億。 中國會成為超老年型國家。

          May 05,2017/


          Qicheng first reported two projects to participate in the third real estate design award in 2016. All the 389 works were selected

          2016年棲城首次報兩個項目參加第三屆地產設計大獎 在389份作品中脫穎而出悉數入圍

          Apr 04,2017/

          It's show time

          Annual meeting is a big party, whether it is interesting is very important to open a play, comfort the busy and harvest of a year!

          年會是一場大派對, 有沒有意思很重要 , 開一場戲 , 慰籍一年的忙碌和收獲!

          Jan 01,2017/